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Bernadett Szegedi


“I have succeeded in improving my English knowledge quickly! Their new method was concentrated on the areas of grammar explained in a simple way with many examples, and the material was combined with oral exercises. I can offer you this highly successful method.”


Csaba Tóth


“It was the best decision to choose this school! Brilliant teachers, very interesting lessons that offered something new and exciting every day! I haven't gained only a grammatical grasp of the language, I'm able to express myself with confidence. I'm not afraid of speaking English any more, indeed, I like it! ”


Éva Fehér


“I would definitely recommend Cuborum Language School to others. The classes are very helpful for learning English, and the activities are a lot of fun. The atmosphere is very friendly and easygoing! Our teacher was a very nice person and an experienced teacher. She gave us great lessons and time passed very quickly. All students really enjoy studying here.”


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