About us

angol budapest

Our aims :

  • to build a Language School Franchise System based on our CPSP method
  • to publish textbooks and coursebooks based on our CPSP method
  • to publish our grammar games in printed forms ( news sheet, booklet, magazine )
  • to train a lot of teachers who will be able to use this method in their classes
  • to be able to publish more online exercises
  • to create more effective distance learning packages
  • to develop e-learning method
  • to make blended learning materials more popular and they will be widely known
  • Our long-term goals include the creation of a translator program by means of the basic program.
angol budapest

Why do we think that it is necessary?

    Research conducted in the first third of 2012 found that 35% of the Hungarian population can speak a foreign language, whilst in the EU countries 54% of people can speak one.

    For decades the school-based language training has not been up to the standard which is normal and required. In Hungary, 62% of people attach importance to the knowledge of the English language in terms of their careers, and 85% of people say that it is important for them to make their children teach English language. In Hungary there is a high demand for a prosperous English language teaching, and the language skills should be core competence as soon as possible.

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The other great challenge

    in this market is to maintain the students´ motivation continuously by means of cognitive (based on thinking) tasks at appropriate level, which means a call for the learners to do the exercises frequently. Two thirds of the students always re-start language learning from year to year. Our method can grant the students continuous success, experience and motivation, it will give them a tremendous impetus to learning language. Our method motivates the students, they apply the grammatical structures confidently, they can make more complex sentences fluently.